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"Henry Moore brings community development training to a new level. I learned more in three days than I did in most semesters of grad school."

Dyan Arkin
City of Greensboro, North Carolina

"This training did the best job of making theory "real". Being able to see real neighborhoods and meet real neighbors who have implemented this work was incredibly powerful."

Kristie Probst
Minneapolis, Minnesota

"The workshop in Savannah, Georgia was an opportunity for me to focus my interests and learn the methods through which I would like to contribute. The ABCD principles are common sense but being applied in very few places. This workshop, inspired by the story of Henry’s work in Savannah, has motivated me to go to work doing exactly this in my home town. I feel excited—to learn, to practice, to fail and to keep trying! Most of all, I feel pulled to advocate for real change by the people."

Phoebe Haupt
Charlottesville, Virginia & Bluefields Nicaragua

"Excellent is not the word for this workshop. It is a real world approach to community building. There was some lecturing but a lot of active involvement. I left the workshop feeling I know what to do next."

Al Edward
City of Detroit

"This was training as it was meant to be –small intimate group, very relevant discussion which had meaning to all participants, and the collegiality of the group was great. The involvement of neighborhood residents was powerful, both in the working sessions and on the tours."

Bruce Newton
City of Madison, Wisconsin

"The ABCD Training in Savannah was a great introduction to the fundamentals of community development "from the inside out". The encounters with real live communities and residents gave practical grounding to the classroom theories: an invigorating complement."

Terry Bergdall

"This workshop was a powerful blend of principles grounded in practice with real examples from neighborhood residents."

Laura Maciuika
Cambridge, Mass


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